Heavy Busbar

Pin joint Shrouded Bus bar system are used for the electrification of mobile equipment. Shrouded Bus bar is a safe, economical and low maintenance way to solve mobile electrification requirement. Systems can be designed to accommodate 60 to 315 amperes. Depending on the application there are various options and accessories that can be custom engineered for your conductor bar system. Portions of the system can be pre-assembled at the factory to help ease installation.

Technical Data Sheet Galvanized Steel Bus bar Copper Bus bar

Ampere Capacity 60A 100A 125A 250A 315A

Impedance mill ohm/M 3.45 2.76 1.82 0.28 0.33

DC Resistance Mill ohms/M 3.42 2.74 1.80 0.27 0.31

Standard Conductor Length 4.5 Mtrs 4.5 Mtrs

Conductor bar can be found on overhead crane runways, hoists, trolleys, conveyors, port cranes and people movers.

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Product Code : Pin Joint Busbar sys

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