Crane Limit Switch LS Rotary gear limit switch

Rotary geared type Limit Switch is basically consists of heavy duty worm gear drive. The worm gear unit is built in a cast housing fitted on main body of Limit Switch. The cam shaft which extends from behind the gear in to housing, accommodates the cams adjustable actuators which are fitted on the cams. These actuators strikes the contact finger of respective contacts

Function :

Limit Switch is to stop the mechanism of drive at the extreme clock wise / anti clock wise position. These Rotary Limit Switches are particularly suited for use on reversing drives such as Electric Hoists, Winches, Over Head Cranes, Traversers etc.

Lever Limit Switch


Lever Limit Switch is used for heavy duty E.O.T. Cranes, Wagon shunting devices etc., to prevent over travelling or over traversing on power and control circuit up to 500 volts A.C. 50 Hz and 10amps and 40 amps current rating.

Function :

The lever Limit switch operates when its lever reaches its pre-determined position and the lever is moved over a projecting member fixed on the Girder.

Weight operated Limit Switches :

Introduction :

Weight operated Limit Switches are used on Control / Power circuit of reversing drives so as to limit their rotation / movement within a predetermined position.

Operation :

When the Snatch Block of the Crane reaches its top position the Snatch Block pushes a Plate which is hanging from one end of the Lever of the Limit Switch. Due to the weight placed on the other end of the lever this lever is pushed up. When the lever is pushed up the shaft to which this lever is connected rotates there by rotating the cams which eventually open the contacts and disconnect the motor

Worm Drive Limit Switches.

Application :

Hoist Gear Limit switches has been designed and manufactured according to safety standard are suitable for use on reversing drives such as hoists, cranes, winches and rolling mills etc.

Design :

The driving motion is transmitted by worm gear. All gears and hubs are made of low wear thermoplastic. The rotational movements are transmitted to switches by adjustable cams.

Driving cams :

Each lever has a single micrometric resister screw. This screw exclusively works on its own combined lever, excluding any mechanical contact with any other next to it. The regulation is easily made by use of screwdriver on a register screw. The special friction system assures a rapid and precise adjustment.

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